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Custom Curated Healing Boxes


Break-up Healing Box

Customized box with tools to aid in healing from a break-up. Items in box included journal, scented candle, votive candle with herbs to perform soul tie cord cutting and release past lovers energy, parchment paper to write and release emotions, incense to lighten the mood, and crystals to pomote healing and welcome new energy.

Peace and Blessings Box

Customized box to promote feelings of peace and promote a positve vibrant energy flow. Items include journal, pen, brand tin and tealight candles with citrine crystal pieces, large soy candle, faux succulent, and selenite heart crystal to keep the frequency high.

Peace and Tranquility Box

Customized box with tools to elevate the frequencies of peace and tranquility. Items included opal crystal smoking pipe, tumbled amethyst, palo santo, energy infused resin ashtray, and brand candles.